Numbers Aren’t Everything

Numbers aren’t everything. 

More and more, runners’ blogs and social media accounts are becoming numbers-focused, with captions and watch faces displaying miles and pace. And I know that for many that it can be motivating. I do enjoy following other people’s progress, and I love being able to witness as someone else chases their goals, but I find myself skipping over the numbers a lot of the time and being drawn to the advice they give and the stories they tell. For me, it is what they are saying and doing in their posts that inspire and motivate me.

I am by no means a fast runner, but I am not slow either. Furthermore, I do not like to use these words – fast, slow. “Fast” to some runners is “slow” to others. Does it really matter the speed at which we run, when we are giving it our all and enjoying the process? 

For me, I want to stop worrying about how many miles I can run or my speed and start really experiencing the gift of running, one mile at a time. 

Happy Monday, friends!

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