One Race a Month Update: April

I know this is late, late, late, but I did not want you to think that I skipped April’s race. April was a busy month! For one, I am pretty sure it rained every single day for about three weeks straight, so that made running a little bit more challenging. Work was hectic with putting in lots of hours to meet tons of deadlines. I feel like the busy season is over, and I can finally breathe again, so it is time to shift my focus back to working out and putting in the miles.

April’s race was a nice break from the mundane day-to-day, and that is one of the reasons I love running and racing so much. Even though I have been doing it for years, sometimes it still feels like my first race, or sometimes a normal training run can feel like the best run ever. In sticking to one of my goals to run more races closer to home, this month we signed up for and ran the Spring Chicken Run 5k, which took place one town away. The fun thing about living so close to a major trail is that no matter which nearby town you find yourself in, you are most likely within walking distance to a section of the trail.

On the morning of April 13, we laced up our running shoes and prepared to run our first race on our favorite trail. That’s right! About 3K of this 5K race took place on the Silver Comet. We started out in the cute and quaint town of downtown Powder Springs, then made our way to the trail. Because we were on the trail most of the time, the course was mostly flat and shaded. We ended up back in downtown and were able to snag a couple of t-shirts even though we had signed up for the race the morning of. I was so worried that they would run out of shirts that I almost did not want to run the race. It is funny how we runners prioritize our race swag.

I plan to do many more races just like this. There are a limited number of races a year on the Comet, most of them being in the fall, so I am already looking forward to that. I think that a lot of people choose to run on the Comet for a lot of reasons but probably mainly for the sense of community. There is nothing more prevailing to make you want to get outside and run than knowing you will be surrounded by other people that are crazy about running or cycling just as much as you are.

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