Welcome to The Monday Runner! I created this blog to share with you one of my favorite joys – running! The Monday Runner is meant to be a place where we can rejoice in both the highs and lows of running (and life in general!) So where did the name come from, you ask? If you have ever followed some sort of training plan, you know that most of them include the longest run of the week on a weekend day, most likely Sunday, so for most of us, Mondays can be tough, mentally and physically. If you hate resting, then this day is probably your least favorite day. If you are logging a lot of miles, then Mondays generally mean sore muscles and lack of rest. On the other hand, I love Mondays because I feel so accomplished after putting in all those miles over the weekend and becoming that much closer to my goals. It is a love-hate relationship, but on the other side of all that pain is the good stuff that comes from logging all those miles – nature, inner peace, strength, camaraderie, and race bling. The list goes on.